Lengel: Biden Needs to Assure Americans He’ll Rehire FBI Director Christopher Wray If Trump Fires Him

By Allan Lengel

The FBI has taken a beating over the last four years. Yes, it hasn’t always been perfect. But that being said, it remains the preeminent law enforcement agency that deserves far better treatment than it has gotten from President Trump.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in February.

Trump fired Director James Comey, and there’s been talk of doing the same to Christopher Wray, who angered Trump by not promoting his political narrative during the campaign.

While Wray may not be the most charismatic guy to ever lead the FBI, he has done a good job of flying under the radar and maintaining the integrity of the bureau.

The bottom line is, the FBI director job carries a 10-year term, and so far as I can tell, Wray deserves to finish it out.

President-elect Joe Biden needs a pre-emptive strike at this point. He needs to assure everyone that he’ll rehire Wray in January if Trump fires him between now and then.

The FBI has some very able and stand-up folks at the top who can hold down the fort for several weeks if Trump gives Wray the boot.

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