Louisiana Judge Off To Prison For 5 Years

Judge Vernon Claville joins the corrupt-official-heading-off-to-jail club down in Louisiana. On Thursday,  former Caddo District Judge Michael Walker got a 10-year sentence. Both were convicted in a probe dubbed Broken Gavel.ST


By Icess Fernandez
Shreveport Times
SHREVEPORT, La — Vernon Claville, a former juvenile court judge convicted of accepting cash payments for reducing bonds and lifting holds, was sentenced to five years in jail and ordered to pay $165,000 in fines.
The sentencing came this morning after a federal court judge threw out the guidelines and took Claville’s “history and character into consideration”.
U.S. Judge S. Maurice Hicks said the guidelines typically used by judges to render sentencing did not take into account this type of situation. As a result, he used his judgement to rule on Claville’s punishment.
“The seriousness of the offenses are not adequately addressed in the guidelines,” he said.
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