Man Admits In Fed Court to Posing As A Naval Officer

An ex-Naval man went around posing as a rear admiral. Problem was, he wasn’t one.

By Christian Davenport and Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writers
ALEXANDRIA, Va. – He wore a short-sleeve Navy summer white uniform, crisp and pressed. Had the black and gold shoulder boards of a rear admiral and a chest full of ribbons and carried himself with the confidence such a high rank bestows. He said he was a veteran who had served all over the world, in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq.
Last year, at a ceremony in Falls Church to commemorate the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day, Trung Huan Nguyen took the stage and addressed a crowd of about 100 Vietnamese Americans.
Although he certainly seemed like the real thing, there was something that wasn’t quite right about the man in white. No matter how perfect his uniform, or how plentiful his service and personal decoration ribbons, some attendees were suspicious. They checked him out. And yesterday, Nguyen pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Alexandria to impersonating a Navy rear admiral.
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