Man Brings Pipe Bomb To Airport In Long Island

There’s some things you just don’t bring to the airport. A pipe bomb is one them.

Long Island MacArthur Airport
Long Island MacArthur Airport

By John Valenti
A would-be passenger is in police custody Thursday morning after federal security agents at Long Island MacArthur Airport discovered a suspected “improvised explosive device” — or pipe bomb — in a carry-on bag, officials said.
Transportation Security Administration agents then “pulled the individual’s checked bags” and found “M-80 fireworks and ammunition,” TSA spokeswoman Lara Uselding told Newsday.
A device that had “wires and possibly looked like a pipe bomb” was found at 7:28 a.m. in a carry-on bag while being X-rayed by TSA agents, Uselding said. An airport source said a knife also was found.
Law enforcement sources said the specific type of device — an incendiary that could be a smoke bomb or pipe bomb — will not be known until it can be defused and examined.
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