Man Claims TSA Jailed Him for 23 Hours for Threatening to File Complaint
By Steve Neavling

A 57-year-old man claims in a lawsuit that the TSA jailed him for 23 hours in retaliation for asking to file a complaint about the length of a search, the Daily News reports.

Roger Vanderklok said security thew him in jail while he was trying to fly from Philadelphia International Airport to Miami two years ago.

Vanderklok said he was miffed that security took 30 minutes search his baggage without explaining why.

The TSA responded that it was suspicious of a heart-monitoring watch and power bars in his suitcase because they resembled explosives and a detonator.

Vanderklok said he was placed in a jail cell after saying he wanted to file a complaint.

“I was scared to death. I have never been arrested in my life, never had handcuffs put on,” Vanderklok said. “Throughout the night, I was in a dark place; no one knew where I was. I thought, ‘I could fall off the face of the earth right now, and no one would know it.’ “

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