Man in D.C. Taxi Cab Industry Talked to Undercover FBI Agent About Killing Informant

It’s never a good thing when you talk about murdering an informant and the person you’re talking to happens to be an undercover FBI agent. Short of an insanity plea, you’re in big big trouble.


By Del Wilber
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — One of the members of the taxi industry charged in a far-reaching bribery investigation in the District threatened to kill a confidential informant and asked another informant to destroy evidence, according to court papers released Wednesday.

The papers say Yitbarek Syume met with an undercover FBI agent and an informant the day after the top aide to a prominent D.C. Council member was arrested last month on bribery charges.

The three men discussed the high-profile arrest and how to avoid detection of their scheme, which funneled more than $300,000 to a D.C. government official, prosecutors wrote in court papers, citing a surreptitious recording of the meeting.

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