Mass. Airport Claims Secret Service Caused $676,048 Damage During Obama Visit

Pres. Obama at press conference/white house photo
By Danny Fenster

The president’s entourage rolled through a small Massachusetts airport last year like an untamed rock band wreaking havoc in a hotel room, causing more than half a million dollars in damages. Or so the airport alleges.

Marlborough Airport Properties Inc. filed a suit in a U.S. district court this week against the administration, reports the Boston Business Journal. The suit claims that an agreement had been made regarding the helicopter carrying the president–that it would not damage the tarmac.

Indeed, the helicopter did not damage the tarmac, states the suit, but the 44,000 lb. ‘foam truck,’ and other ground vehicles the Secret Service drove onto the airport caused property damages of up to $676,048.13.  “Turf or grassed-in areas” also were “significantly damaged,” the suit states.

The Business Journal reports that the administration has denied requests for compensation. The airport property company is seeking a jury trial.

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