Mass Indictment in Atlanta Delivers Blow to Mexican Drug Traffickers, Authorities Say

By Allan Lengel

The DEA on Wednesday announced the break up of a large Mexican cartel organization operating out of Atlanta.

Dubbed “Operation G-60″, authorities said a three- year investigation by the DEA and the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force has resulted in the indictment of  of 32 people operating  outlets for Mexican drug traffickers.

Sixteen people have been arrested and others remain at large.

“Operation G-60 has dealt a severe blow to the Mexican drug cartels operating in the metro Atlanta area,” Atlanta U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said in a statement.

“Earlier this morning, numerous alleged drug traffickers and money launderers were arrested in neighborhoods all across Atlanta. As a result of the outstanding investigative efforts of the DEA and our state and local partners, over seven million dollars worth of cocaine and over a million dollars in dirty drug money have been taken off of the streets.”

The investigation resulted in the seizure  312 kilograms of cocaine (with an estimated wholesale street value of over $7 million), approximately 1,525 kilograms of marijuana and over $1.5 million in drug proceeds.

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