Mexican Lawmakers Angry Over DEA’s Money Laundering

By Danny Fenster

Relations between U.S. and Mexico may suffer even more in wake of the latest disclosure of a  DEA money laundering sting.

The New York Times reported that DEA agents allowed and even facilitated the movement of drug money among criminals in the hopes that the paper trail would lead to top  bosses of the Mexican cartels. The operation has been used before internationally, but not in Mexico. While it drew criticism at home, the allegations have Mexican lawmakers furious and asking for an investigation, reports CNN.

Mexican Senator Felipe Gonzalez says his ruling PAN party will demand an investigation into the operation to see if the DEA allowed agents to launder money, possibly on Mexican soil, as part of their investigation.

“This is not increasing the trust among countries to work together against crime,” Gonzalez said, according to CNN. “Furthermore, you can’t fight crime by committing criminal acts and violating the law.”

At home, Rep. Darrel Issa has made similar claims, broadening an ongoing investigation beyond ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious. It will now include the allegations about the DEA.

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  1. The only reason the Mexican Government is angry about the laundering operation is DEA did not give them a chance to get their grubby little hands on it!! Bill Coonce

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