Mexican Man Gets 3 Years for Beating FBI Agents in New Mexico Train Robbery


By Allan Lengel

A Mexican man has learned the hard way not to press his luck, particularly when it comes to physically beating FBI agents who suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Juan Jose Magallanes Torres of Anapara, Mexico, was originally charged with being part of a gang that beat two FBI agents in Sunland Park, N.M., during a 2002 train robbery. The charges were dropped when he was deported, the El Paso Times reported.

But after he got caught back in the U.S., the charges were revived, the El Paso Times reported. He pleaded guilty in April and was sentenced Monday in Las Cruces, N.M.,  to three years in prison.

Two other robbers pleaded guilty in the case and got two years in prison. The charges were dropped against others who were deported, the El Paso Times reported.

One FBI agent suffered injuries to her left eye and neck,  the paper reported. The other suffered a skull fracture. Both are back on the job in El Paso, Tex.

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