More Than 1,0000 FBI Agents and LAPD Cops Go After Dozens of Violent South LA Gang Members

south-la-mapBy Allan Lengel

More than 1,000 FBI and LA police officers executed dozens of arrest and search warrants Thursday in a move to take down a violent South LA gang known as “Rollin’ 40s Neighborhood Crips”, authorities said.

Some gang members were hauled in in pajamas, according to the LA Times.

In all, 74 members were charged with crimes in state or federal court. More specifically, the feds indicted 29 gang members for crimes that included drug trafficking, conspiracy and firarms violation. Forty five suspected members face state charges.

Authorities said the gang operates primarily in a three-square mile area of South LA and has been known to be involved in crimes including murder, narcotics and robberies.

The FBI and police began operations around 5 a.m., and by 9:15 a.m., 46 people were arrested, the LA Times reported.

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