Mother of Missing Woman Urges FBI to Take Speed Freak Killer’s Advice on Where to Dig

Steve Neavling

It’s not often that a serial killer and a potential victim’s family agree on something.

But the mother of a California woman who has been missing for 25 years and believed to be a victim of “Speed Freak Killer” Wes Shermantine is urging the FBI to take the suspect’s advice and stop digging for bodies in the wrong spot, News 10 KXTV reports.

Shermantine has been telling the FBI that it’s excavating the wrong area and told agents to look about 200 yards away, News 10 reported

Believing her daughter may have been killed by Shermantine, Sue Kizer wants the FBI to listen to thin

“If Shermantine says they’re in the wrong spot, then they’re in the wrong spot. Everything Shermantine has told us has been the truth. Why all of a sudden is he not telling the truth? He has nothing to gain, nothing to lose,” Kizer told News 10.


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