National Border Patrol Council: ‘Political Goals Took Precedence Over Actual Reforms’

Steve Neavling 

The union representing Border Patrol agents expressed “serious concerns” about the new Senate bill because of its handling of security along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Washington Times reports.

The National Border Patrol Council is most concerned with the inundation of 20,000 additional agents to protect the border – a major component of the bill.

NBPC had stayed quiet about the bill, hoping to work behind the scenes.

“We chose to work behind the scenes, and it doesn’t seem that the problems were corrected,” Shawn Moran, an at-large vice president for the NBPC, told The Washington Times on Thursday, after the Senate vote. “It seems that political goals took precedence over actual reforms. Unless we’re going to form a human chain from Brownsville to Imperial Beach, I’m not sure this is going to be the cure that everybody thinks it will be at the border.”

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