NBA Ref Hangs Up Whistle For Federal Prison

Tim Donaghy/nbc sports
Tim Donaghy/nbc sports

While other NBA refs get ready to head to the hardwood floors, Tim Donaghy heads off to federal prison today. A disgraceful end to a distinguished career.

Jon Saraceno
Today marks a historic moment for the NBA, but not one it wants to commemorate. The league contends that for the first time in major professional U.S. sports, a referee will walk into prison a felon convicted on a gambling charge related to his employment.
It is an embarrassing day not only for Tim Donaghy, 41, who will report to a minimum-security federal camp in Pensacola, Fla., to start a 15-month sentence, but also for a league with a lucrative global footprint and a system of officiating that has taken a blow.
Donaghy pleaded guilty 13 months ago to felony charges of wire fraud and transmitting wagering tips through interstate commerce. He admitted to betting on NBA games, but neither the league nor federal investigators found evidence he wagered on games he worked. He was fined $500,000 and ordered to pay the NBA restitution.

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