NCAA Message Falls Shorts in Penn State Case

Allan Lengel
By Allan Lengel

The NCAA wanted to send a message that protecting children is more important than Penn State football. But if the NCAA really meant it, it would have suspended play for at least a year.

A $60 million fine essentially amounts to one year of revenue generated from the program.

And no bowl games for four years?

Well, many of the bowl games are irrelevant. To boot, Jerry Sandusky shouldn’t have been the only person to get indicted for what happened.

Cover ups matter.

I’m a Big Ten alum. I attended Michigan State University.

Had it happened at the Michigan State, I would have expected no less than a year suspension of the program.

I couldn’t even imagine going to a game involving Penn State.

What the officials at that university did, including coach Joe Paterno, is nothing short of criminal.

So next time the NCAA says it wants to send a message that children are more important than football, maybe it should mean it.

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