Nine Busted in Largest PCP Seizure in DEA History

PCP/dea file photo
By Allan Lengel

Nine people have been busted in what authorities in Houston say is DEA’s largest seizure of the narcotic PCP in its history.

Authorities said it had seized 57 gallons of the drug which goes by street names including angel dust and rocket fuel. A grand jury indicted the nine people last month, and the indictment was unsealed Wednesday.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the seizure of such a large quantity “could signal the emergence of a huge new market for the drug, which was popular in some areas in the 1970s but keeps a far lower profile than cocaine, marijuana or other illegal substances, authorities said.”

“That represents a lot of money and a lot of users,” Stan Furce, director of Houston’s High Intensity Drug Traffic Area, a coalition of federal and local law-enforcement agencies that stretches to the coastal counties, told the paper.

“They almost don’t feel any pain,” Furce said of PCP users. “They become super agitated, rebellious and super strong. I would not want to go one-on-one against a PCP user … wild-eyed, scary-looking dudes.”

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