Not All NY FBI Agents “Distraught” Over Temp Reassignment of Their Boss

Joseph Demarest/ fbi photo
Joseph Demarest/ fbi photo
By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Not all the New York FBI agents are “exactly distraught over the reassignment” of the head of the New York FBI, who is in Washington while an internal probe into his affair with an underling is ongoing, the New York Daily News reported. first reported Thursday  night that Joseph Demarest was temporarily reassigned to Washington while the Justice Department examined the affair and the truthfulness of the statements  Demarest made about it.

Demarest’s statements allegedly differed from the woman who  he had an affair with.

“The New York office is celebrating Demarest’s demise because he bullied subordinates but let the New York Police Department bully the Bureau,” said a retired senior FBI official, according to the Daily News.

Demarest is known as hard charging and someone who was trying to make a lot of changes. Some saw him as a very passionate agent. But some weren’t happy with his management style or the changes.

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