NY Assemblyman Indicted for Bribes

William Boyland Jr./ gov photo
By Danny Fenster

A New York state Assemblyman has been charged by a federal grand jury for soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes, reports the New York Post.

William F. Boyland, Jr. is charged with soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes in order to fast-track development deals and to help a carnival company, the Post reported.  Boyland and his aide Ry-ann Hermon were arrested last month by FBI agents on an array of corruption charges.

Indictments were secured on Wednesday by Brooklyn federal prosecutors on 19 counts each, including fraud, bribery and extortion. Hermon was also charged individually on two additional counts for attempting to shake down a carnival to line his own pockets, aside from bribing the carnival company for Boyland’s benefit.

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