Ohio State Student Pleads Guilty to Sending Fake Bomb Threat to FBI

By Allan Lengel

Note to Ohio State University student Jonathan Birkmeyer: Try just not showing up for the test next time. Or make up some crazy excuse. But don’t send the FBI a fake bomb threat.

Birkmeyer pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to sending a fake bomb threat to FBI headquarters that resulted in the evacuation of four Ohio State University building being evacuated in November, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The paper reported that he apparently sent the bogus message to get out of taking a test.

On Nov. 16, the former Marine emailed the FBI, saying: “I have a paper that I found that has a detailed map of nine bombs placed in four different buildings on the Ohio State University campus.”

The paper reported that FBI traced the threat by tracking down the IP address to a stolen iPod touch in Birkmeyer’s possession.

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