On the ICE, Secret Service Topples the FBI

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The FBI may be the bigger of the two agencies, but that didn’t stop the Secret Service from defeating the bureau in annual hockey game in Arlington, Va.

CNN reported that Secret Service defeated the FBI 7-6 in overtime at the Kettler Capital Iceplex. The FBI won last year.

CNN reported that attendees were asked to donate $5, which went to Secret Service agent Keith Rile, who has cancer. All 2,500 tickets for the event were sold out.

“The FBI is a family; the Secret Service is a family. We work together every day of the year, and one day we come together to have this friendly rivalry,” FBI director Robert Mueller, who attended the game, told CNN. “We’re all here to support him and support his family”

“It’s never an easy win,” Secret Service agent Todd, who played in the game, told CNN.

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