Opinion: FBI’s ‘Deke’ DeLoach

Dan K. Thomasson 
The Reporter

The last time I saw Cartha D. DeLoach was all the way back in the early 1970s, when the nation’s attention was focused on the Watergate scandal. While he wasn’t one of the figures in the constitutional crisis boiling around the Nixon administration, he certainly had been a key in a series of events that historically set that stage.

“Deke,” as he was known, died last week at age 92. When I’d seen him four decades ago, he had left his high perch in law enforcement as J. Edgar Hoover’s third in command of the FBI and was then a private citizen in corporate America. We met in his office at PepisCo, the giant beverage conglomerate, where he was assistant to the president, to discuss a sensitive subject: the politicization of the FBI and its use, or misuse, by presidents.

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