Retired ATF Official Bernie La Forest Authors Crime Novel

9781449043957_cover.inddBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Bernie La Forest had a rich career with ATF. He headed up offices in Kansas City, Detroit, Phoenix and Los Angeles and saw plenty guns, drugs, killers, con men and intrigue.

But one reality he learned over the years was that law enforcement agencies didn’t always get along. It was a simple fact.

“They don’t usually get a long, but on a common purpose they can come together, not everybody, but some people will come together for the case,” he said.

Now, the retired agent, who had the respect of the rank and file for his no-nonsense style, has penned a novel “Shadow Partners”, a crime thriller in which multiple law enforcement agencies come together to probe bombings and murders and political corruption.

La Forest, a former Detroit cop,  retired from ATF in 1998 and then worked as a contractor for the agency on a gun trace project from 2002 to 2007,

He said he’s excited about the debut of his book, which is slated to go on sale on and at retail outlets some time in February or March. It is self published.

La Forest is already looking ahead. In fact, he says he’s already got three quarters of his second book finished.

“The stories come pretty easy to me,” he said.

To read more about the book and the author click here.

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