Secret Service Goes After Gypsy Family Accused of $40 Mil Spiritual Cleansing Fraud

 By Danny Fenster

An odd prosecution is taking place, the result of a Secret Service operation dubbed “Operation Crystal Ball.” Ten members of the family of the late Jimmy Marks, a leader in the Gypsy community, have been arrested in New York and Florida for fraudulently acquiring $40 million from victims seeking spiritual cleansing, reports KXLY.

Family members claimed to “confer with gods, spirits and even Michael the Archangel to cure diseases and break curses,” says the report. In return the accused asked for and received jewelry, gold and luxury cars, according to an Associated Press report. The scams go back 20 years, reports KXLY, even swindling a best selling author.

The suspects were named in a 61-charge indictment that included charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. The defense argues that the business was a legitimate part of the family’s Gypsy religion, which includes the ability to heal psychically.

The head of the family, Jimmy Marks, passed away as the result of a 2007 heart attack, reports KXLY.

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