Secret Service Investigate Angry Facebook Poster

By Danny Fenster

A failed city council candidate from Carson, Calif. has caught the attention of the Secret Service after posting racist commentary about the president on Facebook, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Jules Manson, who ran in March for city council on the Libertarian platform, called Barack Obama a “monkey,” then called for the assassination of the president and his “monkey children.”

“We are aware of the incident and are going to conduct appropriate followup,” said Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie, according to the LA Times.

Manson’s post was made in reaction to the controversial National Defense Authorization Act, which permits indefinite detention without trial for some terrorism suspects.

Manson later erased the comment and apologized, saying it was “careless, emotionally driven remarks that had no real substance.” He was, perhaps, not entirely sorry. He went on to write that “Not including my regular friends whom I converse with often or have in the past and always welcome their comments and posts, I do not believe many of you are concerned citizens. Most of you were simply looking for drama to demonstrate your politically correct righteousness.”

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One thought on “Secret Service Investigate Angry Facebook Poster

  1. Well this news brings a clear message to humans rights and emotions, given the fact that this man most likely has been railroaded by unfair acts which more than likely have been ignored has brought him too this point, calling someone a monkey is nothing compared to someone calling someone the C word which is more derogatory and disrespectful.
    Furthermore hes speaking out for what he felt was a disgrace towards whats is happening in the now, I am not saying he was right lets clear that up now, I am saying he is frustrated like many others are and really FACEBOOK? Any one check out Newsvine and see the garbage comments that rattle off on there?
    Why is is okay for anyone that has power to walk all over anyone or allow someone too do it and the other has no right to react?
    Isnt that considered bullying. If it makes any difference too any one, everyone in this generation is going through hell and no one is really listening or noticing the damages being done along the way which is making many upset.
    If what this man said out of frustration and anger is such a bad thing I can point out allot more things being posted in defamation and damming that no one seems to wish to correct, so everyone needs to take a step back a moment and think, everyone has to share this world and the necessities involved, we ALL brought ourselves too this point, too many people are more concerned how they can get rich or be popular and show lil regard to humans when all of us have been taught what I always thought the differences between right and wrong, problem is, whats being preached isnt being practiced. Newspapers and careless and neglectful people are printing things and doing allot more damage that effect people and cause allot of emotional pain, does anyone listen? hell no, whats the answer? hire an attorney? is there any left? very few and these days you have too have a roll of thousand dollar bills, and not too many have that. I dont think this man is a threat at all, hes just upset, scared and concerned like everyone else is of what they will become in the next year.
    You all need to remember, those that still have your job you know your safe but those that have worked hard and tried to make a good change in life have been loosing, let me ask you this, if the shoe was on the other foot, how would you feel? how much time would it be before you explode out of fear and frustration. Slamming the guy or anyone for that matter isnt going to solve anything, threatening to drag him over the coals will only cause more pain, he’s scared and concerned, hellfire wouldn’t you be if your back was up against the wall and you weren’t sure what your future was going to hold? People get off on hurting others, I guess it makes them feel special who knows but I can name allot worse out there that have caused harm and no one did anything to correct it or took their sweet time doing anything about it Really everyone look at the whole picture before you jump. Plus this man apologized deeply for his reactions, how many apologies do the people get for things they shouldn’t be called? So the saloon door swings both ways. I can relate to his concerns that aren’t being heard, can you?
    Everyone knows that a pack of diamond back rattlers is a stupid thing to mess with so common sense tells us STAY AWAY, and why is that… well because that is a wild species sharing this planet, if unstable people are going to be given the OKAY too act up and not be considered wrong where someone out of logic and ethics just says how they feel are going to be judged then what exactly is your point too all this behavior whats the true message we all are to understand… really must we be so vain. I am not sure what else this man supposedly said, heck by the time the news media is finished with it its god knows how many colors are out there, as far as I have seen the news media jumbles up stories more too. None of us are Jesus Christ and I have yet too see any of us have the ability to walk on water. Hey I am looking at this from both sides of the fence, you got your smooth side and you have the splinter side. Why doesn’t someone just sit down with the man and seriously listen too his concerns he’s a tax payer like everyone else in society. Well that’s my input, may sound stupid too you but seriously all the degrees and awards you may receive wont mean a thing when your time is up on this planet, you cant take it with you now can you?

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