Serial Killer Toys with FBI in Newly Released Video of Interrogations

Alaska-based serial killer Israel Keyes, who took his own life last year, is shown in a new video toying with the FBI about his alleged victims, Slate reports.

At one point, Keyes says he’s unwilling to discuss details of the victims because he doesn’t want his mom to find out. Then he jokes with agents that he’s wasting tax dollars with digs for his victims.

When an agent expressed impatience with Keyes for not releasing some information, Keyes responds: “There’s gonna be a lot of frustration before this is all over but I mean there—it’s already been years of frustration for a lot of people. So they’re gonna have to learn to live with it for a little bit longer.”

The investigation and search continues.

“That fact that Keyes is dead makes it more difficult for us,” an Anchorage FBI agent said, “but the investigation absolutely continues.”

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