Statements by Bombing Suspect Tossed After FBI Delayed Reading of Miranda Rights

By Allan Lengel

The controversy over the FBI reading Miranda rights to terrorism suspects could get some added fuel.

The website Talking Points Memo (TPM) reported that U.S. District Judge Jude Justin Quackenbush in Spokane, Wash., was upset that the FBI did not immediately advise white supremacist Kevin Harpham of his rights after arresting him as a suspect who planted a bomb along the route of the MLK Day Parade in Spokane.

Consequently, prosecutors agreed not to use statements he made prior to being advised of his rights, TPM reported.

Some Republicans of members have been sharply critical of the FBI and the Justice Department for reading Miranda rights too soon.

In December 2009, some criticized the FBI for reading the Miranda rights too soon after agents arrested  “underwear bomber” in Detroit on Christmas day.

The Miranda rights issue surfaced again after suspect Faisal Shahzad was arrested for trying — but failing —  to detonate a bomb in Time Square.

TPM noted the usual critics in the past seemed to be missing this time around, possibly because the suspect in the MLK bombing case was not a Muslim.

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