Supreme Court Throws Trump’s Criminal Cases on Ice

U.S. Supreme Court

By Steve Neavling

The U.S. Supreme Court handed Donald Trump a victory, even if he ultimately loses the case. 

Justices agreed to take up the high-stakes case of whether Trump has presidential immunity, but they won’t begin hearing arguments until the week of April 22. 

That means the former president’s trial, which was set to begin in early March after a lower court rejected Trump’s claims of absolute immunity, will be delayed by at least several months while the Supreme Court hears the case and makes a decision.

As a result of the Supreme Court’s intervention, trials set for Trump’s criminal cases may not happen until after the November election, legal experts say. And if Trump wins, he may never face trial. 

“This could well be game over,” election law expert Rick Hasen wrote.

If Trump wins in November, he could appoint an attorney general who would dismiss the case, Politico reports.

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