Suspected Killer/Rapist Joe Luis Saenz Latest Addition to FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List

saenz-and-murderBy Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — If notoriety is what you seek, Joe Luis Saenz, this is your lucky day.

With the capture of three of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives since July, there’s been some openings, and Joe Luis Saenz has just been added to the list.

“Starting today, and over the next three days, we will be adding a new name each day to the list,” an FBI press release said Monday.

Joe Luis Saenz is wanted for multiple murders, kidnapping, and rape.

Authorities allege that in 1998, Joe Luis Saenz shot and killed two rival gang members in Los Angeles for ” disrespecting one of the members of his gang. Authorities believe that was just the beginning of his killing spree.”

The FBI alleges that less than two weeks after the gang murders, “Saenz kidnapped, raped, and murdered his girlfriend—the mother of his child—at his grandmother’s home,” according to the press release.

“Saenz, now about 34 years old, is believed to be living in Mexico, working as an enforcer for a drug cartel and traveling with apparent ease across the border into the U.S. using fake identification—“legitimate I.D. fraudulently obtained,” the FBI said.

Since its creation in 1950, 491 fugitives have been named to the list and the lion’s share have been caught.  Two big names still on the loose are Osama bin Laden and Boston Mobster “Whitey” Bulger.


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