Suspicious Powder Scares Keep On Coming

Anthrax letter sent to Sen. Daschle/fbi photo
Anthrax letter sent to Sen. Daschle in 2001/fbi photo

In some office buildings, the suspicious  powder scare has become the annoying equivalent of a false fire alarm. Unfortunately, since 2001, it’s become all too common from Los Angeles to Washington.

By Mimi Hall
Firefighters and federal agents have responded to more than 30,000 incidents involving suspicious powders, liquids or chemicals since 2001 in what authorities say is the terrifying legacy of the anthrax attacks after 9/11.
Postal service and law enforcement officials say thousands of the incidents are hoaxes involving white powder sent through the mail and thousands more are emergency calls to report powder found on countertops, in mailrooms and elsewhere.
“A single incident can warrant a huge response,” says Billy Hayes of Washington, D.C.’s fire department. “It gets very expensive, not to mention the inconvenience.”
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