The Real “Donnie Brasco” Refuses To Testify In Mob Trial

The Hollywood flavor of this FBI/mob trial in Miami only grew stronger today when the legendary “Donnie Brasco” himself refused to testify.

The Movie "Donnie Brasco"
The Movie

By David Ovalle
The Miami Herald
MIAMI — Even in shades and a cap, ”Donnie Brasco” would not testify.
Joe Pistone, the ex-FBI agent who used the undercover moniker to infiltrate the New York Mafia in the 1970s, refused to testify Wednesday in defense of another former agent on trial for murder in Miami.
Pistone, whose experiences were made into the 1997 movie Donnie Brasco starring Johnny Depp, declined because a judge refused to bar media cameras from filming him or snapping photos.
Lawyers cited safety — the Mafia still wanted to kill Pistone, whose work as an undercover jewel thief led to the convictions of over 100 Mafia members.
He had offered to testify as an expert on the difficulties of prosecuting the Mafia. On trial: John Connolly, a former FBI agent in Boston, accused of helping orchestrate a murder in Miami in 1982.
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