Thief Surrenders Following High-Profile FBI-Involved Shooting in Chicago

Steve Neavling 

William Tapes, who fled authorities for three days after an FBI agent apparently opened fire on him in Chicago, has surrendered, CBS 2 Chicago reports.

“I was scared, you know, for my life. That’s why I hid,” Tapes told CBS 2 on Thursday. “I just got tired.”

According to Tapes, he was stealing hubcaps in a parking lot when two people approached him. He said he panicked and took off in a car before one of the agents apparently opened fire on this car, striking Tapes in the wrist and seriously injuring a passenger, CBS 2 reported. His car crashed into another vehicle, injuring two people.

Charges could be filed against Tapes today, CBS 2 reported.

“I just panicked and blacked out,” Tapes said.

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