Trump Left Washington D.C. with 700 Pages of Classified Documents, Letter States

Former President Trump

By Steve Neavling

Former President Donald Trump kept more than 700 pages of classified documents when he left Washington D.C. in January 2021, including some containing top secrets, the National Archives disclosed Tuesday.

The May 10 letter was sent to one of Trump’s lawyers, Evan Corcoran.

The author of the letter, U.S. archivist Debra Steidel Wall, objected to claims that Trump should be allowed to keep some of the documents. 

A damage assessment by top department prosecutors and intelligence community were delayed because Trump’s lawyers insisted some of the documents might have been protected by executive privilege. 

According to the letter, “over 100 documents with classification markings” were found in 15 boxes of material retrieved from Mar-a-Lago in January. 

U.S. Archivists also retrieved documents in June, and earlier this month, FBI agents searched Trump’s home and retrieved an additional two dozen boxes. 

Since the search, threats of violence against the FBI have increased.

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