Trump Would Still Receive Secret Service Protection If He Ends up in Prison, Officials Say

By Steve Neavling

If Donald Trump ends up behind bars, he’d likely still receive Secret Service protection. 

That’s what former Secret Service officials told Insider.

Trump is the subject of several federal investigations, and on Monday morning, FBI agents raided his Florida resort.

The Justice Department also is investigating his businesses’ practices and efforts to overturn the 2020 election. 

“Is an agent going to be with him inside a cell? No,” one former Secret Service official said. 

If Trump ended up in prison, it would most likely be a “country club-type place,” the official said. 

The most likely scenario would be at least one agent at the prison to protect Trump, even though that person wouldn’t be “walking on his shoulder out in the yard.”

It’s not a job most agents would want, unless, say, they were working on their master’s degree. 

“I would think you’d have a lot of time to do some reading,” the official said. 

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