Video: Bill Barr Says Trump’s Document Case Is ‘Entirely of His Own Making’

By Allan Lengel

Former Attorney General William Barr, who had a falling out with Donald Trump, said Sunday on “Face the Nation” that the ex-president is reckless and brought on the document indictment himself. Still, he said “I don’t like the idea of a former president serving time in prison.”

Ex-Attorney General Bill Barr on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

“He’s also a fundamentally flawed person who engages in reckless conduct and that leads to calamitous situations like this which are very destructive and hurt any political cause he’s associated with,” Barr tells host Robert Costa.

“The government tried for over a year, quietly and with respect, to get them back which was essential that they do, and he jerked them around and he had no legal basis for keeping them,” Barr said.

“Trump’s conduct is indefensible.”

Trump faces 37 counts involving allegations that he took, then tried to hide secret documents from the federal government.

Barr, who refused to agree with Trump that the 2020 election was stolen, resigned in December of 2020, shortly before Trump left office.

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