Violent Street Gang Busted for Allegedly Controlling Drug Trade in Atlantic City

fbi file photo
Steve Neavling 

Authorities arrested 25 people Tuesday tied to a violent street gang accused of using force and threats to control the drug trade in Atlantic City,  the FBI announced.

The FBI said the arrests are a “significant blow” to the gang known as “Dirty Block” or “Crime Fam.”

The gang is accused of controlling land in Atlantic City that includes numerous public housing complexes.

“The defendants in this case created an atmosphere of fear and presented real danger to the people who shared their Atlantic City neighborhood,” U.S. Attorney Paul J.  Fishman said. “And they did it so that they could prosper from selling illegal drugs. The law-abiding people of New Jersey—whether they live in the suburbs, on a farm, or in the oldest housing project in New Jersey—deserve to have neighborhoods that are safe places to walk and raise their families. I really hope that today’s arrests will give them that chance.”

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