Virginia Gov. McDonnell Struggles to Preserve ‘Squeaky Clean’ Image During FBI Probe

Steve Neavling

The FBI investigation into Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is raising questions about whether the rising star in the Republican Party is all he was stacked up to be, the Washington Examiner reports.

Once considered a candidate for president in 2016, McDonnell has come under fire after FBI agents began investigating McDonnell’s relationship with a wealthy campaign contributor.

“The man was squeaky clean,” Jeremy Mayer, a political science professor at George Mason University, told the Examiner. “He was a personable, honest, good guy. He’s now going to fall victim to the politics of personal destruction.”

The investigation centers around Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, who is accused of giving McDonnell’s family lavish gifts, including paying for a $15,000 catering bill for the governor’s daughter.


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