Waxlike, Life-Size Figure of FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover Removed from New York Display

J. Edgar Hoover/fbi photo
J. Edgar Hoover/fbi photo

By Steve Neavling

A life-size, waxlike figure of J. Edgar Hoover has been removed from the FBI’s New York field office following objections from the bureau’s employees, The Washington Post reports.

The longtime FBI director who helped build the bureau is no longer admired like he used to be.

Hoover has been accused of racism and illegally spying on political enemies.

“There are no plans to display him again,” said Michael Kortan, assistant director of the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs.

Hoover is often used as an example to show how the FBI has overstepped its authority in the past.

“The reason I do those things is to ensure that we remember our mistakes and that we learn from them,” FBI James Comey said during a speech at Georgetown University. “So we must talk about our history. It is a hard truth that lives on.”

The figure of Hoover had been in storage for years before some New York officials wanted to display it along with other memorabilia.

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