White House Favoring Republican Choice for Utah U.S. Atty; Dems Not Happy

By Allan Lengel

The Obama administration is apparently looking to throw a bone to the Republicans in Utah.

The Dessert News reports that the White House is looking to nominate the Republican’s choice for U.S. Attorney in Utah. Some Dems aren’t happy.

The paper reported that the White House is looking a David Barlow, legal counsel to freshman Republican Sen. Mike Lee.

“I recommended him. Sen. Lee recommended him, too,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), according to the Dessert News. “I recommended him about two or three months ago, so it takes quite a while down at the White House. They do a lot of vetting.”

The paper reported that some Utah Democrats see it as a missed opportunity and are baffled, particularly since they said there was a viable Democratic candidate.

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