Alternate Juror To Take Seat In Sen. Stevens Trial

Sen. Stevens Trial
Sen. Ted Stevens Trial

Jury deliberations in the Sen. Stevens case, which began last week,  continue to take some new turns. Here’s the latest.

By Erika Bolstad
Anchorage Daily News
WASHINGTON – Sen. Ted Stevens’ corruption trial will resume Monday morning, with an alternate juror replacing the one who left for her father’s funeral in California.
Judge Emmet Sullivan paused proceedings Friday morning after a juror learned Thursday night her father had died and she needed to leave for his funeral. He had hoped to bring the juror back to continue deliberating with the other 11, but couldn’t reach her over the weekend to determine whether she would be available.
An alternate will take her place and jurors will continue deliberating Monday morning, although they will have to start fresh with the new juror.
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UPDATE- 2:15 p.m. Monday – The Assciated Press reported earlier today that jurors found an error in the indictment, an embarrassment for prosecutors. For More

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