Prosecutors In Final Stretch In Retrial Of Holy Land Foundation Terrorism Case

Prosecutors hope for a better outcome than the last trial. The last one imploded.

By Jason Trahan
The Dallas Morning News
DALLAS — Prosecutors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing retrial have switched gears in the run-up to what is expected to be the final week of their case before the defense begins.
After more than a month of testimony meant to show that five former organizers for the now-defunct Richardson foundation – once the nation’s largest Muslim charity – for years espoused extremist views and courted ties to Islamic militants, prosecutors must now prove how the defendants’ actions and beliefs led them to break U.S. laws.
To get convictions, prosecutors need to convince jurors that Holy Land sent millions of dollars to Palestinian charity groups, known as zakat committees, knowing that they were controlled by Hamas after the U.S. designated it as a terrorist group in 1995.
Prosecutors last week unveiled a series of detailed charts that point jurors to the exact page of documents already in evidence allegedly showing the Hamas affiliations of the zakat committee leaders.
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