ATF Won’t Automatically Disqualify Job Candidates Who Grow Or Sell Legal Weed

Photo by Steve Neavling.

By Steve Neavling

Selling or growing legal weed won’t disqualify you from landing a job at ATF anymore, despite the federal prohibition of marijuana. 

The bureau changed its employment policy to allow applicants to work at the ATF if they’ve grown, manufactured, or sold marijuana in compliance with state laws while, Marijuana Moment reports

The updated policy does not apply to people who violate state cannabis policies. 

“The ATF Drug Policy refers only to activities that are automatically disqualifying,” an ATF spokesperson said. “ATF reviews most policies on an annual basis, and this policy was updated this month.”

The change is significant because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. 

The previous policy automatically disqualified job applicants who sold or grew marijuana, whether it was legal in a state or not. 

In 2021, the FBI relaxed its employment policies to no longer disqualify prospective agents for having consumed cannabis no more than 24 times as an adult. 

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