Enzymes can also contain sites that bind cofactors

Enzymes are generally globular proteins and range from just 62 amino acid residues in size, for the monomer of 4 oxalocrotonate tautomerase,[12] to over 2 fake ray bans,500 residues in the animal fatty acid synthase.[13] A small number of RNA based biological catalysts exist, with the most common being the ribosome, these are either referred to as RNA enzymes, or ribozymes. The activities of enzymes are determined by their three dimensional structure.[14] Most enzymes are much larger than the substrates they act on, and only a small portion of the enzyme (around 3 4 amino acids) is directly involved in catalysis.[15] The region that contains these catalytic residues, binds the substrate http://www.cheapraybanssale.com/, and then carries out the reaction is known as the active site. Enzymes can also contain sites that bind cofactors, which are needed for catalysis.

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