Evertything Terrorists Need to Know About…Hernias? Dog Bites?

airport-photoBy Allan Lengel
For Sphere.com (An AOL News Site)

WASHINGTON — Terrorists will have new insights into avoiding a hernia, treating animal bites and dealing with Amber Alerts — thanks to the inadvertent disclosure of a 93-page confidential document on airport screening procedures.

The Transportation Security Administration’s Standard Operating Procedures document was posted on a federal procurement site with redacted passages. Apparently online users were able to navigate around the redactions.

That prompted some to insist that terrorists will learn how to avoid screening. The TSA says critics are overreacting, describing the document an “outdated, unclassified version” that has been updated several times.

There are some touchy revelations in the document, i.e. how to detect fake law enforcement identification and discussions about calibrations of X-ray machines.

To Read  some of the secret and really not so secret items (like how to avoid a hernia)  click here.

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