FBI Agent Attacked by Havana Syndrome in Key West, Attorney Tells Congress

By Steve Neavling

An FBI agent was struck by a Havana Syndrome “attack” in Key West, the agent’s lawyer said during a congressional hearing Wednesday, The Miami Herald reports

The active FBI special agent, identified as Carrie, appeared in disguise in a CBS 60 Minutes show on March 31, saying she was “hit” by the mysterious attack while investigating a Russian spy in an undisclosed location in Florida. She claimed she was “hit” again a year later in California.

During the show, a lead military investigator said he believes U.S. officials were attacked by Russia. One theory is that Russia used weaponized microwave radiation on FBI agents, White House staff, and CIA and military officers. 

During the congressional hearing, the agent’s attorney Mark Zaid referred to “a number of FBI personnel down in Florida” and CIA intelligence agents who also have been struck in Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. 

Zaid testified that some of those targeted in the attacks have died. 

Christo Grozev, an investigative Russian journalist, also testified that he had seen one of the weapons. 

“It looked like a satellite dish with a unit this size attached to it,” he said. “It is something that could be well contained in the trunk of a car or even a large backpack.”

He added that the weapon could be made “inexpensively.”

After publishing his investigation, Grozev told members of Congress that a former Russian intelligence agent told him that Russia had been developing an energy weapon since the 1980s because, according to the former agent, “we thought the Americans were doing that to us and we wanted to develop countertechnology.” 

During the hearing, Zaid and Greg Edgreen, a retired lieutenant colonel who led a Defense Intelligence Agency investigation into Havana Syndrome, recalled Russia’s history of using microwaves to radiate the U.S. embassy in Moscow. 

Zaid said it’s difficult to learn more about the attacks because most of the information is classified. 

“The evidence that exists in the classified arena… directly contradicts the public conclusions,” he said. “Numerous federal agencies have failed to fully undertake substantive investigations, deliberately delayed collecting or ignored crucial credible evidence and have intentionally withheld information even from sister agencies so as to influence and manipulate their decision-making process.”

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