Lead Investigator Believes Russia Behind Havana Syndrome That May Have Injured FBI Agents

By Steve Neavling

FBI agents are among more than 100 Americans who believe they previously came down with the Havana Syndrome, a mysterious affliction that some experts think was caused by weaponized microwave radiation.

A 2023 government report said it was “very unlikely” that the brain injuries were caused by a foreign adversary.  

But in a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, a lead military investigator who led the investigation into what officials refer to as “anomalous health incidents” said he believes U.S. officials were attacked by Russia.
But the bar to prove Russia was behind the attack was impossibly high, the official, Greg Edgreen, a now-retired Army lieutenant colonel who ran the Pentagon investigation, said.

“Unfortunately I can’t get into specifics, based on the classification,” Edgreen said. “But I can tell you at a very early stage, I started to focus on Moscow.”

Those targeted in the apparent attacks were FBI agents, White House staff, and CIA and military officers.

“And consistently there was a Russia nexus,” he said. “There was some angle where they had worked against Russia, focused on Russia, and done extremely well.”In 2022, the FBI, which had not previously acknowledged that some of its current or former employees could have the syndrome, began offering access to medical care for agents who have symptoms of the syndrome.

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