FBI Director Comey’s Job Hangs in Balance As Trump Team Struggles with Appointments

FBI Director James Comey
FBI Director James Comey

By Steve Neavling

FBI Director James Comey has come under fire from Democrats and Republicans for his handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

But his chances of keeping his job likely increased after Donald Trump’s victory, Bloomberg reports.

“The way the e-mail investigation played out, he’s got both Republicans and Democrats mad at him and suspicious of his motives,” said Stewart Baker, a former general counsel at the National Security Agency.

Former and current national security officials said Comey will have a chance to talk one-on-one with Trump in an effort to continue serving his 10-year term.

And luckily for Comey, Trump’s transition team is struggling to make key cabinet and security post appointments.

On Sunday, Trump said he hasn’t decided on Comey’s fate yet.

“I would like to talk to him before I’d answer a question like that,” Trump said. “He may have had very good reasons for doing what he did.”

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