FBI Re-Examining Evidence in 1980s Colonial Parkway Slayings in Virginia

virginia-map1By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The FBI is trying to jump start a probe into the 1980s killing of as many as eight people in southeastern Virginia known as the Colonial Parkway murders, the Washington Post reports.

The Washington Post’s Maria Glod reports that the FBI is re-examining dozens of pieces of evidence, including hair, and is “putting fresh eyes on a list of about 130 suspects.”

The Post also reports the FBI is reviewing more than 3,500 reports from the case and has asked America’s Most Wanted to feature the unsolved mystery.

“We’re committed to the families,” FBI spokeswoman Vanessa Torres told the Post. “We don’t want to create false expectations. However, there is always hope.”

According to the Post, six people were slain and two others have been missing, but are presumed dead. The murders happened along “the Colonial Parkway, a scenic route that stretches from Yorktown to Jamestown” in Virginia.

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