U.S. Changing Screening Policies of Passengers Aboard Inbound Intl. Flights

Airport crowdBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — In a world of Jihad Janes and underwear bombers, where it’s becoming more difficult to figure out who the enemy might be, the Obama administration is taking a different tact when screening passengers from inbound U.S. International flights.

The Washington Post reports the U.S. is “abandoning its policy of using nationality alone to determine which U.S.-bound international air travelers should be subject to additional screening and will instead select passengers based on possible matches to intelligence information, including physical descriptions or a particular travel pattern.”

The paper noted that after the Nigerian man tried to blow up his underwear on a Christmas day flight from Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight, the U.S. determined that passengers “from or traveling through 14 specified countries would be subjected to secondary searches.”

The new system will stop passengers who match up to “certain pieces of known intelligence”, the Post reported.

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