Gang Land News: Dead Mobster Ignored FBI Warning

By Allan Lengel

Sometimes it really does pay to listen to the FBI.

Jerry Capeci of the website Gang Land News, reports that mobster Anthony DiLapi was murdered by a Luchese family hit squad after ignoring warnings by an FBI agent that he was targeted for death.

Capeci writes:

 Anthony DiLapi, a short, stocky mobster was polite but firm when FBI agent Pat Marshall tracked down the transplanted wiseguy in California where he had relocated after fleeing New York where rivals had seized control of his crime family. “He said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if I do have a problem, I’ll take care of it,'” Marshall told Gang Land.

Marshall wasn’t surpised by DiLapi’s reaction. It was similar to others the G-man had heard during 14 years as a mob-busting agent in New York. It’s what they always say, he told Andy Stefanak, who became his FBI partner after he transferred to the Los Angeles office a year earlier.

Gang Land News is a paid subscription site, but it’s worth it.

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