John Edwards Passed on Plea; Didn’t Want to Accept Months in Prison

By Allan Lengel

Two-time presidential candidate John Edwards didn’t want to be a jailbird.

The Raleigh News  & Observer reports that Edwards was willing to plead guilty to three misdemeanor campaign finance law violations, but not go to prison for up to six months as prosecutors wanted.

“Edwards and his lawyers were concerned. They wanted the ability to at least argue to a judge for alternatives, such as a halfway house, weekend releases, home arrest or some arrangement that would allow Edwards to be with his school-age children,” the paper reported. “He is a single parent after the death of his wife, Elizabeth, in December.”

Edwards, 57, was indicted Friday on charges that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign funds to cover up an extra-marital affair during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Edwards insists he never did anything intentionally wrong.

Then again,  he initially denied, and later admitted that he fathered a child with his mistress.

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